AAIB investigation to Boeing 777-236, G-VIIJ

In-flight fumes event, descending towards Heathrow Airport, 13 November 2017.


During descent into London Heathrow Airport a strong smell of fumes was apparent in the cockpit and the cabin. The crew actioned the appropriate checklist and the aircraft landed at Heathrow without further event. The aircraft was returned to service after engineering work.

On the next flight the aircraft returned to stand due to fumes in the cabin having taxied for takeoff. After further engineering work the aircraft was again returned to service.

The aircraft then flew once more without incident but on the return flight there were several indications of overheating in the left engine. The subsequent engineering work identified a hole in the left engine’s combustor case, which resulted in the engine being changed. A replacement engine was installed and there were no further fume events.

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Boeing 777-236, G-VIIJ 09-18

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Published 13 September 2018