AAIB investigation to Beech A36 Bonanza, G-JLHS

Power to avionics lost following hard landing, Alderney Airport, 20 July 2017.


As a result of a hard landing at Alderney, a momentary short circuit of the master avionics power at a stub terminal on the firewall caused the avionics to turn off and remain off. Following a number of bounces, the aircraft became airborne again and departed initially to the south. Without radio, the pilot was unable to communicate with Alderney TWR and to advise of his intention to divert to Guernsey. However, on the approach to Guernsey, he made contact with Guernsey TWR via mobile phone before making a successful landing.

The electrical problem was investigated by a Guernsey maintenance organisation and identified that the rubber boot to cover the stub terminal on the firewall was missing. This had allowed arcing between the engine and the exposed stud.

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Beech A36 Bonanza, G-JLHS 12-17

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Published 14 December 2017