AAIB investigation to Beech 200C Super King Air, G-NIAB

Fumes in cockpit, 10 nm south of Belfast International Airport, 29 August 2017.


After departure from Belfast International Airport, the pilot and passengers became aware of an unusual smell in the cabin, reminiscent to that of a solvent. As a precaution, the pilot donned his oxygen mask, declared a PAN and prepared to return to Belfast.

When configuring the aircraft to land, the pilot found that the flaps would not deploy when selected. He performed a successful flapless landing, taxied to the apron and shut down the aircraft.

Subsequent examination of the aircraft identified that the flap motor circuit breaker had tripped and the flap motor had burnt out. The failure of the flap motor was likely to have caused the unusual smell. The cause was not established; however, the maintenance organisation commented that flap motor failure is not uncommon on this type of aircraft.

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Beech 200C Super King Air, G-NIAB 03-18

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Published 8 March 2018