AAIB investigation to Avid Speedwing Avid Flyer, G-BUZE

Loss of control during forced landing, field near Midhurst Sussex, 13 September 2014.


About 10 minutes into the flight from a farm strip, the pilot noticed the engine temperature rising. He advised a colleague at the farm by radio, turned back toward the strip and reduced power in an attempt to cool the engine; however, the engine then stopped. The pilot selected a field in which to make a forced landing and tried, unsuccessfully, to restart the engine.

The aircraft was fast on the initial touchdown, bounced, and then struck a fence and trees at the end of the field, before coming to a stop inverted. The pilot, uninjured, exited the aircraft via the pilot’s door. On later inspection of the engine, the pilot identified that the radiator cap was missing and that the engine had seized due to the lack of cooling.

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Avid Speedwing Avid Flyer, G-BUZE 09-15

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Published 10 September 2015