AAIB investigation to Auster J1N Alpha, G-AHSS

Runway excursion after landing, Great Massingham, 27 June 2015.


After an approach that was described by the pilot as normal, the aircraft landed into wind on Runway 28 at Great Massingham Airfield, Norfolk. The aircraft then started to drift left and the pilot was unable to prevent it leaving the paved surface and entering long grass by the edge of the runway. The left landing gear came into contact with some large stones, which were not visible to the pilot, and the aircraft abruptly tipped forward with the propeller to coming into contact with the ground. When the aircraft fell back onto its landing gear, further damage was caused to the tail and fuselage. The engine had stopped so the pilot made the aircraft safe and vacated it normally.

The pilot thought the initial drift was probably caused by a gust of wind, and that, having relaxed after landing, he felt he was too slow to respond. He considered he should have applied power and gone around as soon as the aircraft began to drift.

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Auster J1N Alpha, G-AHSS 04-16

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Published 14 April 2016