AAIB investigation to Auster 5 Alpha, G-AJGJ

Tipped onto its nose after landing at Lee on Solent Airfield, on 27 January 2015.


The aircraft was being flown to familiarise a prospective new member of the syndicate which owned it. An existing syndicate member occupied the right seat and the possible new member occupied the left seat. After a short flight, the aircraft landed and tipped onto its nose and right wingtip.

The Air Navigation Order defines the commander of an aircraft as:

‘ ‘Commander’ in relation to an aircraft means the member of the flight crew designated as commander of that aircraft by the operator, or, failing such a person, the person who is for the time being the pilot in command of the aircraft’

Neither of the two occupants consider that they were the commander of the aircraft and both provided conflicting accounts, so it has not been possible to determine the exact circumstances that led to the accident.

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Auster 5 Alpha, G-AJGJ 09-15

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Glossary of abbreviations

Published 10 September 2015