AAIB investigation to Airbus A319-111, G-EZFJ

Incorrect takeoff performance calculation, Malaga Airport, Spain, 14 April 2016.


While calculating takeoff performance data, the flight crew elected to use the Multiple Runway Computation (MRC) function on their Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). Due to a software anomaly in the EFB, runway information for Runway 31 was displayed alongside takeoff performance data for Runway 13. The flight crew did not notice this during cross‑checking and subsequently took off from Runway 31 using takeoff performance figures for Runway 13.

The manufacturer (of both the aircraft and the EFB), operator and flight crew were unaware of this anomaly at the time of the serious incident. The operator has since disabled this function in the EFB and the manufacturer has communicated this anomaly to all affected operators of this version of the EFB.

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Airbus A319-111, G-EZFJ 01-17

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Published 12 January 2017