AAIB investigation to Airbus A319-111, G-EZAW

Aircraft landed heavily, Munich Airport, Germany, 3 July 2017.


The aircraft was established on an ILS approach to Runway 26L at Munich Airport. When the aircraft was at about 1,500 ft aal, the commander’s Flight Management Guidance Computer (FMGC)1 failed. The crew were unable to alter the target approach speed, and the engines began to spool up un-commanded. The pilot flying disconnected the autopilot and autothrust and the rest of the approach was flown manually. Below 50 ft the pitch attitude of the aircraft was reduced slightly just before the aircraft was flared for landing, and it touched down heavily in a relatively flat attitude. The normal acceleration recorded at touchdown was 3.01 g, which is classified as a Severe Hard Landing. All three landing gear legs were replaced, although subsequent examination revealed that only the nose and right main gear were damaged.

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Airbus A319-111, G-EZAW 01-18

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Published 11 January 2018