AAIB investigation to Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar, G-CGOG

Nose gear collapsed following a fast and firm touchdown, Whittles Farm Airstrip, Oxfordshire, 7 May 2016.


The pilot reported whilst returning to his home base at Whittles Farm Airstrip he made a “fairly fast” final approach to Runway 11. During the flare the aircraft was caught by a gust and this resulted in the aircraft making “significant” contact with the runway whilst still travelling quickly. The nose landing gear collapsed and the aircraft slid to a halt approximately two-thirds of the way along the 380 m long grass runway. The pilot was not injured.

The weather conditions were reported by the pilot as: light south-easterly breeze, good visibility and scattered cloud.

The CAA Safety Sense Leaflet 12, ‘Strip Sense’, provides useful advice and guidance. It includes the comment: ‘…you must know and fly the correct speeds for your aeroplane and remember the importance of using appropriate techniques, keeping the weight off the nosewheel…’. The full Strip Sense leaflet can be downloaded from the CAA website.

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Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar, G-CGOG 07-16

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Published 14 July 2016