AAIB investigation to Aeroprakt A22-L Foxbat, G-PHOX

Aircraft struck livestock on landing, Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, 16 August 2015.


On arrival at a private airfield near Oldbury-on-Severn the pilot had twice overflown the site to check that the runway was clear. Whilst flaring to land, the aircraft struck two sheep, one of which was killed, and the left main landing gear detached from the aircraft. The aircraft skidded along the ground on the damaged nose landing gear and right main landing gear until coming to a halt. He made the aircraft safe and was able to vacate the aircraft through the normal door.

He stated that the airfield is part of a meadow used to graze sheep and would normally be protected by an electric fence. However, in this instance, the electric fence was not operational and, contrary to his normal practice, the pilot had not contacted the land owner prior to his arrival.

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Aeroprakt A22-L Foxbat, G-PHOX 12-15

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Published 10 December 2015