Aircraft Accident Report 8/2010 - Cessna 402C, G-EYES and Rand KR-2, G-BOLZ, 17 August 2008

Formal Report AAR 8/2010. Report on the accident between Cessna 402C, G-EYES and Rand KR-2, G-BOLZ, near Coventry Airport on 17 August 2008.


The accident was notified to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) by Warwickshire Police shortly after it occurred; an AAIB field investigation was commenced immediately.

Cessna 402C aircraft G-EYES was engaged in flight calibration training and was making an ILS approach to Runway 23 at Coventry Airport when it was involved in a mid-air collision with a Rand KR-2 aircraft, G-BOLZ, operating in the visual circuit. The collision occurred in Class G (uncontrolled) airspace. The four occupants of G-EYES and the single occupant of G-BOLZ received fatal injuries.

The investigation identified the following primary causal factor:

  1. The two aircraft collided because their respective pilots either did not see the other aircraft, or did not see it in time to take effective avoiding action.

The investigation identified the following contributory factors:

  1. The likelihood that the crew of G-EYES would see G-BOLZ in time to carry out effective avoiding action was reduced by the small size of G-BOLZ, its position relative to G-EYES and the high rate of closure between the aircraft.

  2. Insufficient or inaccurate information was provided to the pilots, which did not assist them in fulfilling their duty to take all possible measures to avoid collisions with other aircraft.

  3. The Aerodrome Controller’s sequencing plan, which was based on an incomplete understanding of the nature of G-EYES’ flight, was unlikely to have been successful. By the time the risk of a collision was identified, it was too late to devise an effective method of resolving the situation.

  4. There were no effective measures in place to give G-EYES priority over traffic in the visual circuit.

As a result of this accident one Safety Recommendation was made.

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AAR 8-2010 - Cessna 402C, G-EYES and Rand KR-2, G-BOLZ

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Summary: AAR 8/2010 Cessna 402C, G-EYES and Rand KR-2, G-BOLZ

Published 10 December 2014