Visiting young people in custody

You must arrange your visit first. Contact the secure centre to find out what you need to do.

Who can visit

Family members and friends can ask to visit. If you’re under 18 you have to be accompanied by an adult.

People whose job it is to support the young person, like a social worker or legal adviser, can visit them at any time.

When you can visit

Each centre will have specific times for visiting. They will tell you when these are, and you won’t be allowed to visit outside of these times.

How often you can visit

Usually, you can visit a young person once a week if you are a family member or friend, but this can vary.

How many people can visit

Generally, 3 people are allowed at one time. If you want to bring more people, you will need to get permission first.

Getting help with travel costs

Family members can sometimes get help with the costs of visiting, such as train tickets or petrol.

There are different rules for claiming money back depending on where you visit.

Travel claims for visiting a young offender institution (YOI)

You should contact the Prison Service to claim for a visit to a YOI.

Prison Service
Telephone: 0300 063 2100
Monday to Friday, 10:15am to 11:45am and 2:15pm to 3:45pm
Find out about call charges

Travel claims for visiting a secure children’s home

You should contact the young person’s youth offending team to claim for a visit to a secure children’s home.

The document ‘AVS1 - Assisted visits scheme information for relatives’ will give you information on this. You need to complete form AVS2.

Travel claims for visiting a secure training centre (STC)

Call the STC you’re visiting on one of the following numbers. Ask for the STC monitor - they’ll tell you how to make a claim and what it covers.

  • Oakhill: 01908 866 021
  • Rainsbrook: 01788 528 806
  • Medway: 01634 823 305

Find out about call charges.

You may get help claiming the cost of a train journey before you travel. You can also claim back the cost of your travel after your visit.

You could get help with registered childminder costs if you have young children.

If the young person is on remand

Contact the young person’s youth offending team, who can organise a visit.

You can’t get help with your travel costs if the young person you’re visiting is on remand.