The Science and Innovation Network (SIN) is based in more than 40 countries/territories around the world and has approximately 110 officers. We engage with the local science and innovation community in support of UK policy overseas and also create strategic relationships to harness the value of science and innovation discoveries and investments overseas, leading to mutual benefits to the UK and the host country.

The Network is part of the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which provide joint funding to promote international collaboration.

The work in Romania aims to build and develop strategic bilateral relationships between local and UK Ministries, academic institutions and organisations with an interest in science and innovation, which lead to mutual benefits for the UK and Romania. The UK is the 4th most popular global collaborative partner for Romania, after Italy, Germany and Spain and before France. SIN officer for Romania works in close cooperation with the British Council in Romania, the Department of International Trade and other teams at the British Embassy in Bucharest.

Science and Innovation in Romania

SIN Romania work to the following global objectives:

  • influence science and innovation policies of Romanian government, industry and academia to benefit the UK;

  • improve UK policy based on international experience and emerging opportunities and challenges with Romania;

  • stimulate strategic science collaborations with Romania to benefit the UK and deliver wider policy goals;

  • harness Romania international technology partnerships and investment to grow UK innovation capability;

More information for the local Science and Innovation landscape and science collaboration between the UK and Romania can be found in the UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot


SIN officer pro-actively builds research and innovation opportunities for the UK scientific community and decision makers to enter into valuable partnerships with policy, academic and business counterparts in Romania. Research and knowledge is increasingly developed and transferred through international collaborations which provides opportunities to work with the best in the world, exchange students and researchers, and gain access to research facilities, leading to mutual benefits for the UK and the host country. SIN Romania focuses on the following strategic areas, which fit SIN priority sectors: Health and life sciences, and Future manufacturing. We do not have regular calls for project proposals and we aim to proactively seek out UK-Romanian collaborations in our strategic areas of interest, and to assess any potential projects that are suggested to us. We have good contacts with high-level stakeholders in Romania and the UK and can assist in building strategic relationships also in other strategic areas of mutual interest.

Our people

Dr. Emilia Pecheva, Science and Innovation Officer for Romania and Bulgaria

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British Embassy Sofia
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Tel. +359 (2) 9339 285 Mob. +359 (0) 887 443 559

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