The Science and Innovation Network is based in 28 countries/territories around the world. We engage with the local science & innovation community in support of UK policy overseas and also create strategic relationships to harness the value of science & innovation discoveries and investments overseas, leading to mutual UK and host-country benefits.

The Science and Innovation Network is based in the British Embassy in Brasilia and the British Consulate in São Paulo in Brazil. Funded by the UK Government, SIN in Brazil aims to promote scientific and technological collaboration between Brazil and the United Kingdom.

We implement the Newton Fund in Brazil - a £375 million fund that, over five years, intends to promote the economic development and welfare of the 15 partner countries. Launched by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer and First Secretary of State, George Osborne, during his visit to Brazil in April 2014, the fund aims to address social and economic problems of developing countries around the world, through strengthening partnership on science and innovation by unlocking further funding to support poverty alleviation. It is part of the UK’s official development assistance (ODA) commitment.

Besides of an UKTI Innovation Officer and an UKTI ICT Officer, the team is also composed of a representative of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an attaché of the UK Intellectual Property Office fostering science and innovation cooperation and promoting the UK in their respective fields in Brazil.

For an introductory brief which covers the local Science and Innovation landscape, UK priorities and successes in Brazil, read the UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot here.


The Science and Innovation Network in Brazil seeks to facilitate and support general research collaboration initiatives between the UK and Brazil and those within the Newton Fund realm, assist technology transfer among companies and universities, and support research and technology development to foster innovation. SIN Brazil also works to establish the development of public policies in science and innovation with the main government agencies, universities and research funding institutions in the country.

Our Services


SIN Brazil assists research centres and universities from the UK to find the best partners in Brazil for research collaboration. We foster collaborations and strengthen relations between both countries’ academic communities through organizing workshops and visits, providing information on science, technology, research and innovation to UK government agencies and engaging in other science events in Brazil.


With joint resources from UK Trade and Investment, we promote exchange of best practices on innovation policies, and spot and foster new innovation commercial opportunities for UK companies across all sectors. By managing the Innovation is GREAT! Campaign in Brazil, SIN/UKTI Innovation works increasing the reputation of the UK as an innovative country, bringing key speakers and companies to targeted events in the sector. Also, with joint resources from UK Trade and Investment we help UK companies of the ICT sector track Brazilian market opportunities.

Newton Fund

The Newton Fund team of SIN Brazil plays a key role in the governance of the Fund by facilitating interactions between UK and Brazilian Delivery Partners and supporting the implementation of the priority areas identified in the various activities of the fund. Additionally, the team represents the UK Delivery Partners facilitating communication between both countries and reporting on the impacts of Newton Fund projects to the UK government. For more information on Newton Fund opportunities visit the Newton Fund webpage.


SIN Brazil is also responsible for the organization and editing of SIN Latam Newsletter where the Science and Innovation Network and Newton Fund from several posts in Latin America share research funding opportunities, upcoming events, our latest activities and main science politics news. Please contact us for more information and subscriptions

Royal Society of Chemistry

Our Royal Society of Chemistry officer is responsible for the networking between UK and Brazil in the Chemistry and related areas, aiming to support research collaborations between the two countries to attract scientific paper submissions to our leading journals. More information at:

Intellectual Property Office

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) attaché provides a focal point in host countries for supporting UK businesses with IP related issues, promoting UK Government interests and working with local IPR enforcement agencies. The goal is to help building IPO relations with the Governments of host countries, and to understand and actively engage with IP policy makers. The IP attaché network is managed and funded by the IPO and supported in-country by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). More information at:

Our People

Dr Julia Knights

Director SIN Brazil

Rui Lopes

Deputy Director SIN Brazil


Gabriel Alves

Science and Innovation Intern

Diego Arruda

Newton Fund Manager São Paulo

Mariana da Veiga

Newton Fund Manager Brasília

Marcia Seimetz

Newton Fund Assistant

Dr Elizabeth Magalhaes

Royal Society of Chemistry Brazil Manager

Corporate information