The Science and Innovation Network is based in 30 countries/territories around the world. We engage with the local science & innovation community in support of UK policy overseas and also create strategic relationships to harness the value of science & innovation discoveries and investments overseas, leading to mutual UK and host-country benefits.

The Science and Innovation Network (SIN) Brazil is part of SIN LatAm regional hub (Argentina, Brazil & Chile) with officers situated in the British Embassy in Brasilia, the British Consulate in São Paulo, the British Embassy in Buenos Aires and the British Embassy in Santiago. Funded by the UK Government, SIN LatAm aims to promote scientific and technological collaboration between Argentina, Brazil & Chile and the UK. The Director of SIN LatAm regional hub, Cindy Parker, has strategic oversight for SIN Argentina, Brazil & Chile and the £75 M Newton Fund in Brazil and is based at the British Embassy in Brasilia. For a brief covering Brazil’s Science and Innovation landscape, UK priorities and successes in Brazil read the UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot here.

Our Services

UK Government £75 Million Newton Fund in Brazil

Launched by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer and First Secretary of State, George Osborne, during his visit to Brazil in April 2014, the fund aims to address enhance the social and economic welfare of the poorest parts of Brazil, through equal partnerships on science and innovation. It is part of the UK’s official development assistance (ODA) commitment.

SIN Brazil’s Newton team oversee some of the governance of the UK government’s £75 Million Newton Fund in Brazil until 2021 by facilitating interactions between UK and Brazilian Delivery Partners and supporting the implementation of priority areas. The team also help to secure matched funding on the Brazilian side for each programme and report on the impacts of projects to the UK government. We oversee around 50 different programmes annually with about £11 Million of spend a year from the UK government. Key areas that the programmes cover include sustainable agriculture, climate modelling and long term weather forecasting, innovation in water, waste and energy, infectious and neglected diseases and smart cities. For more information on our Newton Fund opportunities, visit the Newton Fund website.


SIN Brazil works to share the UK’s best practice on policies in science and innovation with Brazil’s government Ministries, universities and research funding institutions. We also inform the UK government of Brazil’s best practice and policies in innovation towards informing the UK’s Industrial Strategy. In addition, we provide strategic information on science, technology, research and innovation to UK research agencies and engage in world class science events in Brazil. We foster high level collaborations and strengthen relations between both countries’ academic communities through our UK government’s Global Partnership Fund in 4 keys areas: sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, bioenergy & health, including tropical medicine.

Commercial Science & Innovation wins

We work closely with our colleagues in the Department for International Trade (DIT) to foster new innovation commercial opportunities for UK companies in agriculture, health, innovation and bioenergy.

Royal Society of Chemistry

Our Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) manager is responsible for the networking between UK and Brazil in Chemistry, aiming to support world class research collaborations between the two countries to attract scientific paper submissions to RSC’s leading chemistry journals. For more information, visit:

Our People

SIN LatAm Hub (Argentina, Brazil & Chile): Who are we?

SIN Argentina

Simon Chater, Head of Science and Innovation Argentina,

SIN Brazil

  • Brasilia

David Lloyd-Davies, Regional Manager for Science and Innovation Latin America (Argentina, Brazil & Chile),

  • Sao Paulo

Cristina Hori, SIN Manager Brazil,

Maira Brito, Newton Fund Manager,

Dr Elizabeth Magalhaes, Royal Society of Chemistry Brazil Manager,

SIN Chile

Daniela Sandoval, SIN Manager Chile,

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