FCDO staff work closely with their British Virgin Islands government counterparts on a wide range of issues.

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Important areas of work which the Governor’s Office focuses on are: improving the effectiveness of the police, public service reform, judicial reform, the development of a criminal justice strategy, raising the profile of climate change, ensuring the probity of the international financial services sector, encouraging effective action is taken in the courts against financial crime, improvements to the British Virgin Islands’ disaster management capabilities, and both safety and security in the aviation and maritime sectors.

Our services


For information on whether you require a visa for the United Kingdom and how to apply go to the UK Border Agency website

Births, deaths and marriages

Information on how you can register a birth or death which occurred overseas, and legal documents for couples marrying or entering into civil partnerships abroad.

Passports and emergency travel documents

How to renew or replace your British passport when outside of the UK and information on getting replacement travel documents if your passport is lost or stolen.

Travel Advice

Information on staying safe and avoiding problems when travelling to the British Virgin Islands.

Legalisation Service

How to get official confirmation that your UK public documentation is genuine so it can be accepted by foreign authorities. The UK does not require any documents to be legalised for use within the UK.

Consular Services

Please note that as the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom we do not provide consular services as are provided in foreign countries. The first port of call for British nationals in distress should be to the local BVI authorities, such as the police and hospital. Victims of a crime should contact the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force: 911 or 311

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Governor to the British Virgin Islands
John Rankin

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