War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Tribunal

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After you appeal

Veterans UK will send the response to your appeal to the tribunal - you’ll get a copy of the response. The response will contain information given in your claim and the evidence used to make the decision under appeal, such as medical reports that you may regard as confidential.

You can choose to reply in writing (a ‘written submission’) explaining why you disagree with the facts they used - you must do this within one month of receiving the copy.

The tribunal will look at your case and ask for more information if they need it.

You can also send any other evidence to support your case to the tribunal.

War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation
PO Box 10875
Arnhem House

War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Appeals tribunal armedforces.chamber@justice.gov.uk
Telephone: 0330 808 4458
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The tribunal will tell you if there’ll be a hearing about your case.