How to claim

Apply by filling out a claim form.

You do not need a legal representative, such as a solicitor, to apply for a Vaccine Damage Payment.

You can apply on someone else’s behalf if:

  • they’re under 16 and you’re their parent or guardian
  • they’re not able to manage their own affairs and you act as their representative
  • they’ve died and you manage their estate

Send the completed claim form to:

Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme
Unit 5 Greenfinch Way
Newburn Business Park
NE15 8NX

You can also contact the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme to ask for a claim form:

Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme
Telephone: 0300 330 0013
British Sign Language (BSL) video relay service if you’re on a computer - find out how to use the service on mobile or tablet
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm
Find out about call charges

Time limits on making a claim

You can only claim for a child once they are 2 years old.

To claim for an adult, apply by whichever is the latest of the following dates:

  • on or before their 21st birthday (or if they’ve died, the date they would have reached 21)
  • within 6 years of the vaccination

Other help you can get

You might be able to: