Travel grants for students studying abroad or on placements (England)

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What you'll get

The amount you get depends on your total household income. This means your income, if you have one, combined with that of your parents or guardians, or spouse or partner if you live with them. Do not count income from other family members you live with.

You must pay the first £303 of your travel costs - and your travel grant will be reduced by £1 for each £8.73 of household income over £39,796.

Keep your travel costs as low as possible without being impractical.

If you’re on a study or work placement abroad

You can apply for:

  • up to 3 return journeys between your home and the overseas institution during a full academic year abroad
  • help with essential expenses, medical insurance and travel visas

You may be able to apply for your children’s travel costs if you’re a single parent.

If you’re doing a clinical placement in the UK

You can apply for travel costs between your home and the hospital or facility where you’re doing your placement.