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You must have consent to place a traditional arch over a road in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

Download the application form from the NI Direct website or call Roads Service:

Roads Service
028 9025 3000
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You must give the following information:

  • your details
  • office bearer or representative’s details if applicable
  • location of the works
  • brief details of the works
  • proposed start date and how long it’ll take
  • proposed date of removal and how long it’ll take
  • details of whether the proposed structure is connected to any religious or other belief
  • name of any relevant religious organisations and whether the applicant is a member of such an organisation
  • details of any proposed ceremony or event associated with the structure

With your application you must also include:

  • a statement from a chartered civil or structural engineer regarding the safety of the structure
  • confirmation from insurers that the structure is covered during its erection by third party insurance to the value of £5 million

Depending on the nature of the arch you may also need to include:

  • a deposit of £100
  • outline drawings

There is a separate application form to fix or place equipment such as rails, beams, cables, pipes, wire, etc over a road in Northern Ireland.


You must indemnify the Department for Regional Development (DRD) against any third party claims arising as a result of the works.

Conditions will be attached to any consent granted, including:

  • signing of the works for the erection and removal of the arch to ensure traffic control and safety
  • excavation or damage caused to the road or footpath surfaces
  • permanent reinstatement of the excavations or damaged areas and removal of the arch
  • maintenance of the arch and/or the road and footway surfaces
  • investigation of the existence of cables, pipes and equipment belonging to utility organisations and provision for their protection

Depending on the nature of the arch, you may also have to erect and/or dismantle it on specific dates and times.

Arches erected for over 28 days may require planning permission.

Further additional conditions may be imposed depending on the individual project.

Fines and penalties

You may be fined up to £500 if you carry out works without permission from DRD.