Tax credits: appeals and complaints

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Complain about tax credits

You can complain about things like unreasonable delays or the way you’ve been treated.

There’s a different process if you think your tax credits are wrong or you want to dispute a tax credits overpayment.

How to complain

You can:

  • complain online
  • call or write (telephone complaints are usually dealt with faster)

To complain online, you need a Government Gateway user ID and password. If you do not have a user ID, you can create one when you complain.

You can call or write to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If you write, include:

  • your National Insurance number
  • your full name, address and telephone number
  • details of what happened and when
  • how you’d like your complaint settled
  • the word ‘Complaint’ at the top of your letter

If you do not agree with the response

Ask HMRC to review their response and send you a final decision.

If you’re unhappy with the final decision, you can contact the Independent Adjudicator.

You may be able to claim costs (for example for postage or phone calls) if HMRC admits they made a mistake. Ask them for details.