Take goods temporarily out of the UK


You may need permission to temporarily move or export goods outside the UK, for example if you take sales samples to a trade show.

If you process or repair goods outside the EU you may be able to pay less duty when you re-import your goods.

Move goods around the EU

You do not need permission to temporarily move goods to an EU country unless they’re controlled, for example weapons.

Export goods out of the EU

Most countries have a limit on the value of goods you can bring in duty free.

If you’re taking goods to another country temporarily for business reasons and you think you’ll be over the duty free limit, you can usually get an ATA Carnet to avoid paying duty. This includes things like:

  • samples to show at trade fairs or sales meetings
  • publicity materials
  • recorded film and audio
  • equipment you need for work like laptops, cameras or sound equipment
  • goods for educational, scientific or cultural purposes
  • personal effects and sports goods

If you’re taking a vehicle, get a CPD Carnet instead.

Licences for controlled goods

Check if your goods are controlled and you need a licence.

Temporary licences are available for some types of controlled goods, for example: