Tachographs: rules for drivers and operators

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Tachographs in light vehicles

If you use a smaller vehicle (eg a 4x4) for towing, you’ll only need a tachograph if its total weight is more than 3.5 tonnes.

Fitting a tachograph

Read the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) guidance on where you can fit a tachograph unit in a vehicle.

Buying or leasing a vehicle

If you buy or lease a vehicle and it comes under the EU or AETR rules on drivers’ hours you’ll need to make sure it’s designed to have a tachograph fitted.

Phone DVSA if you’ve already bought a vehicle and are having problems fitting it with a tachograph. They can tell you where your nearest Approved Tachograph Centre is.

The Tachograph Centre can give you advice and help you get it fitted. It’s not always possible to fit a tachograph, however.

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Further help

For further information about fitting tachographs in light vehicles email the DVSA tachograph section.

DVSA tachograph section