Student finance if you suspend or leave your course

Stopping your student loan

Talk to your university or college if you’re thinking about suspending your studies or leaving your course early.

You must stop your student loan payments if you decide to suspend or leave.

If you suspend your studies you can usually postpone your loan payments until you return.

If you suspend because of illness, pregnancy or another serious personal reason, you might still be able to get student finance while you’re away.

You’ll still have to repay your loan if you suspend or leave your course early.

How to stop your loan payments

You must:

  • tell your university or college that you’re leaving or suspending your course
  • call Student Finance England if you’re a student from England

The number you must call is different if you’re a student from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Call to stop your payments as soon as you decide to suspend or leave your course. If you do not, you might need to pay back an extra Maintenance Loan payment.

What happens next

Your university or college will tell your student finance provider the date you finished your studies.

Your student finance provider will reassess your student finance based on the number of days you attended your course. They will then send you a letter explaining how much loan you must repay.