You can't apply for this licence online. Contact your local council.


If you intend to practise as a solicitor in Northern Ireland, you must:

  • have been admitted as a solicitor (eg completed your training)
  • have your name on the roll (a list of all solicitors of the Court of Judicature in Northern Ireland)
  • hold a practising certificate

Practising certificates are issued by the Law Society of Northern Ireland

and you should contact them for an application form.

You must pay a fee in connection with your practising certificate.


Conditions may be attached to a practising certificate under certain circumstances (eg where you have been the subject of disciplinary sanctions).

You must renew your registration every year that you intend to practise as a solicitor.

As a solicitor you must comply with rules regarding:

  • professional practice, conduct and discipline
  • continuing professional development activities
  • accounts and trust accounts
  • interest on clients’ money
  • inspection of practice bank accounts
  • requests for accountants reports
  • professional indemnity

If you are a European lawyer you can apply to LSNI for initial registration as a registered European lawyer (REL) if you intend to practise as a lawyer in the UK.

Fines and penalties

If you practise as a solicitor without obtaining a practising certificate or an REL without being registered, you may be fined and held in contempt of court.