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  1. Service manual
  2. Digital Service Standard
  3. 18. Test with the minister

You must test your service with the minister to meet point 18 of the Digital Service Standard.

You’ll have to explain how you did this at your service assessments.

Why you must test with the minister

Ministers are accountable for everything produced by their departments, so you need to show them your service before it goes live.

How you’ll be assessed

In the alpha assessment

To pass the alpha assessment, you need to confirm that the minister responsible for the service will test it before it goes live.

In the beta assessment

To pass the beta assessment you need to explain how you’ll test the service with the minister responsible for it.

In the live assessment

To pass the live assessment, you need to show evidence (a video, photos or a signed letter) that the minister responsible for the service has tested the full service from beginning to end, including any legacy or offline parts.

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