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  2. Digital Service Standard
  3. 10. Test the end-to-end service

You must test the end-to-end service to meet point 10 of the Digital Service Standard.

You’ll have to explain how you’ve done this at your service assessments.

How point 10 improves your service

Testing the end-to-end service allows you to find problems and check that the service will work for the number of people who want to use it.

This means you’re more likely to build something which works for your users.

How you’ll be assessed

Your assessment and the questions the assessors ask you will vary depending on your service and what it does.

To pass the alpha, beta and live assessments, you usually need to show that you:

  • have an effective deployment environment
  • can create new environments quickly and easily
  • know the data that exists in your pre-production environments
  • are designing and testing your service to work with the devices and browsers your users use - find out the browsers you must test with
  • are testing your service in an environment that’s as similar to live as possible
  • know that your service can keep working when the number of expected users try to use it, including for users who need assisted digital support
  • understand the systems you need and the testing environments for non-digital parts of the service
  • are testing your service frequently - you’ll have to explain how you’ve decided how often to test

Explain your service’s evolution

At each phase you should explain how your service has evolved since its last assessment.

Read these guides to help you test the end-to-end service:

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