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  1. Service manual
  2. Digital Service Standard
  3. 16. Identify performance indicators

You must identify performance indicators to meet point 16 of the Digital Service Standard.

You’ll have to explain how you did this at your service assessments.

How point 16 improves your service

Setting performance indicators allows you to continuously improve your service by:

  • learning its strengths and weaknesses
  • using data to support improvements you make

How you’ll be assessed

Your assessment and the questions the assessors ask you will vary depending on your service and what it does.

To pass the alpha, beta and live assessments, you usually need to explain:

You also need to explain:

  • how you’ve assessed the potential for channel shift and the level of assisted digital your service needs
  • other metrics that you’ll measure, when you’ll start, and how you’ll use them to improve your service
  • where you’re getting the data for your metrics
  • how you’ve set up your analytics package to collect user journey data
  • how you’ve made sure all stakeholders are actively involved in promoting or supporting digital delivery of the new service
  • how you’ll track people moving from using the offline service to the online one (beta assessment only)

Explain your service’s evolution

At each phase, you should explain how your service has evolved since its last assessment.

Read these guides to help you identify performance indicators:

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