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  3. 15. Collect performance data

You must collect performance data to meet point 15 of the Digital Service Standard.

You’ll have to explain how you did this at your service assessments.

How point 15 improves your service

Collecting performance data means you can continuously improve your service by:

  • learning its strengths and weaknesses
  • using the data to support improvements you make

How you’ll be assessed

Your assessment and the questions the assessors ask you will vary depending on your service and what it does.

To pass the alpha, beta and live assessments, you usually need to:

  • explain how you decided the data you need to capture, where you need to capture it from and how you’ll capture it based on the projected size and shape of the service
  • show you have an ongoing roadmap for performance analysis and someone in the team responsible for identifying actionable data insights during alpha, including assisted digital support
  • show you’ve used qualitative and quantitative data to help improve your understanding of user needs and identify areas for improvement
  • explain how you’ve chosen suitable data analysis tools
  • show you’ve addressed information security and privacy issues appropriately
  • explain how you’ve mapped user journeys through the service and tracked them to identify completions and areas of poor performance
  • show how you’re measuring assisted digital support
  • explain the next user story related to performance analysis
  • show you’ve discussed a start page and feedback page with GOV.UK (beta assessment only)

To pass the beta and live assessments you usually need to show how you’ll collect feedback from users, during and after their user journey.

Explain your service’s evolution

At each phase, you should explain how your service has evolved since its last assessment.

Read these guides to help you collect performance data:

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