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Data science community

The data science community exists to:

  • bring together data scientists and improve data science capability across government
  • develop and share data science best practice
  • help digital and other analytical teams work effectively with data scientists
  • discuss and challenge the way government uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve services

Who the community is for

You might be interested in this community if your work involves:

  • making sure decisions are based on evidence
  • presenting insights in an understandable way to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • building credible statistical models from data and using best coding practices to generate reproducible work
  • commissioning data science projects
  • working with policy and operations to understand where data science can improve services for users
  • exploring new data science technology, tools and algorithms
  • deciding how to deploy data science at scale

Get involved

You can use the following online spaces to discuss data science related issues:

Community events

The Government Data Science Partnership (GDSP) brings together public servants to share their knowledge about data science.

The partnership runs meetups every 2 to 3 months. They’re open to anyone in government with an interest in data science and often include speakers from across government, academia and industry.

The meetups are hosted in different places around the country.

There’s also an annual cross-government data science conference. The next one is planned for late 2019.

To sign up for either of these events, you can:

Training courses

The Data Science Accelerator is a programme to help analysts and aspiring data scientists from across the public sector develop their data science skills. Participants propose and work on a data science project for 3 months under the guidance of a mentor.

The GDS Academy also runs relevant courses including:

You might also find some of the courses run by the Government Statistical Service or the Data Science Campus useful.

Areas of special interest

If you’re particularly interested in text analytics and natural language processing, you can join the #nlp channel in the cross-government data science Slack. You could also join the text analytics mailing list.

If you’re interested in reproducible analytical pipelines (RAP), which is a method for automating the production of statistical publications, you can:

Community resources

Use these resources to learn more about data science in government:

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