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From Innovate UK
  • Process evaluation of the Catalyst programmes

    The report, 'Process evaluation of the Catalyst programmes', details the Catalysts on biotechnology, energy and agriculture technology launched by Innovate UK.

  • The India-UK future manufacturing report

    This report reveals the opportunities for manufacturing collaboration between India and the UK and suggests 7 steps for further collaboration.

  • Low carbon truck and refuelling infrastructure trial: final report

    The findings of the low carbon truck trial, including key data, issues identified and lessons learned.

  • Information sharing proof of concept: East of England transport

    Investigation into the benefits to transport from better data sharing, the case study took place in the Cambridgeshire A14 corridor.

  • Low carbon truck trial: executive summary 2014

    Outlines the progress of low carbon truck trial projects in their second year and outlines issues identifies and lessons learnt.

  • Innovate UK: Pilot SME Growth Programme - Formative Evaluation

    Accelerating innovation & growth – Pilot SME Growth Programme – Formative Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Technology Strategy Board's Feasibility Studies

    This report summarises an evaluation of the impact of feasibility studies projects supported by the Technology Strategy Board.