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HM Land Registry

  1. Consultation on draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017

    The consultation asked for views on the proposals for draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017.

  2. Proposals to amend the Land Registration Rules 2003

    Proposed rule changes will allow the introduction of new digital conveyancing and registration solutions over time.

  3. Land Registry: Wider Powers and Local Land Charges

    Proposals to seek Wider Powers and become sole registering authority for Local Land Charges and a provider of Local Land Charge searches.

  4. Development of a definitive House Price Index

    Seeking views on how the proposed methodology for a new definitive house price index meets requirements for official house price data.

  5. Land Registry: new service delivery company

    We’re asking for views on proposals to create a new company to take on service delivery functions from HM Land Registry.

    First published during the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government