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  1. Exceptional arrangements for exam grading and assessment in 2020

    Consultation on grading specified general qualifications in 2020: GCSEs, AS, A levels, Extended Project Qualifications and Advanced Extension Award.

  2. Consultation on an additional GCSE, AS and A level exam series in autumn 2020

    Proposals for an additional exam series in autumn 2020 in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  3. Exceptional arrangements for assessment and grading in 2020

    Consultation on the assessment and grading of vocational, technical and other general qualifications.

  4. June 2020 catch limit consultation

    June 2020 catch limit consultation

  5. Shortage occupation list: call for evidence

    We want to hear organisations' views on the roles that are being filled by migrant workers, the salaries they are paid and implications of potential changes.

  6. Capacity Market: proposals for future improvements

    We're seeking views on changes to the Capacity Market’s design following the European Commission’s 2019 decision granting State aid approval for the scheme.

  7. Capacity Market: carbon dioxide emissions limits

    We're seeking views on proposals for making changes to the Capacity Market Rules in order to comply with new EU carbon dioxide emissions limits.

  8. Capacity Market: proposal to relax the rules temporarily in response to COVID-19

    We're seeking views on ways to relax certain Capacity Market obligations and deadlines, reduce the burden and minimise terminations during COVID-19.

  9. Open access restriction at Top Field - Pasture Wood (case number 2014117473): how to comment

    Find out about plans to change public access to Top Field Crowden in the Peak District National Park.

  10. Energy Performance of Buildings: changes to The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012, No. 3118

    Consultation on proposed changes to the Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 to transpose part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive ((EU) 2018/844).

  11. Possible changes to the First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber) Rules 2009

    The Tribunal Procedure Committee is interested to receive your views as to possible changes to the General Regulatory Chamber Rules in relation to withdrawals of appeals.

  12. Legal establishment and location of awarding organisations

    Consultation on the legal establishment and location of awarding organisations regulated by Ofqual.

  13. The UK Global Tariff

    A consultation to inform our own Most Favoured Nation tariff schedule, the UK Global Tariff.

  14. Legalising rental e-scooter trials: defining e-scooters and rules for their use

    Defining an e-scooter, its maximum speed and power, and setting the rules that users must follow in e-scooter trials.

  15. Hunting trophies: controlling imports to and exports from the UK

    Seeking views on whether to introduce further restrictions on hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK.

  16. Hunting trophies: call for evidence

    We are asking for evidence to help us understand more about the scale of imports and export of hunting trophies to and from the UK, and their impacts.

  17. Public Works Loan Board: Future lending terms consultation

    The government is seeking views from local authorities and other stakeholders on the lending terms of the Public Works Loan Board.

  18. Bovine TB: badger vaccination and culling in England’s Edge Areas

    Seeking views on proposals to introduce no-cull zones around vaccination sites in Edge Areas in England to manage the implementation of both badger vaccination and culling.

  19. Bovine TB: comment on an application for a badger disease control licence, February 2020

    Find out how to comment on badger control in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

  20. Bovine TB: comment on an application for a supplementary badger disease control licence, February 2020

    Find out how to comment on badger control in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Devon, Gloucestershire and Cornwall.