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  1. Update: air strikes against Daesh

    The RAF are continuing to take the fight to Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

  2. Attack on Camp Taji in Iraq: Foreign Secretary's statement

    The Foreign Secretary has issued a statement following the attack on Coalition forces at Camp Taji in Iraq last night.

  3. Defence Secretary Oral Statement: Update on security situation in the Middle East

    Defence Secretary Ben Wallace detailed the UK's response to events in Iraq

  4. Death of Daesh’s leader: UK government statement

    The Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary outlined the UK government's reaction to the announcement of the death of Daesh's leader.

  5. RAF Typhoons use Brimstone capability for the first time

    The Royal Air Force’s Brimstone missile capability has been deployed from a Typhoon jet for the first time, in the fight against Daesh.

  6. Study points to new ways to reduce conflict in fragile states

    A major research project by the UK's Stabilisation Unit explores the vital role of political deal-making in reducing violent conflict.

  7. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia's visit, March 2018

    The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, HRH Mohammed bin Salman visits the UK from 7 March.

  8. Girls’ education to be central pillar of UK foreign, development and defence policy

    Ministers to launch the UK national action plan on women, peace and security.

  9. Defence Secretary praises UK efforts as RAF operations against Daesh continue

    In a visit to Kuwait, Iraq and Cyprus, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson commended UK personnel deployed in the fight against Daesh.

  10. UK steps up commitment to countering Daesh

    As the campaign to defeat Daesh in Iraq enters its final phase, the UK is sending additional troops to Anbar Province as part of the Global Coalition’s presence there.

  11. Defence Secretary welcomes Iraqi Victory in Mosul

    Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has congratulated the Iraqi Prime Minister and security forces on their victory in Mosul.

  12. UK urges Coalition to maintain momentum against Daesh

    Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has urged Coalition partners to maintain the momentum that is defeating Daesh in Iraq and Syria, at today’s meeting of Defence Ministers.

  13. Britain, coalition and Iraqi forces to maintain momentum in campaign against Daesh, Defence Secretary says

    Operations to liberate western Mosul will begin within weeks, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has confirmed.

  14. Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial to be unveiled in London

    Her Majesty The Queen will unveil a new memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens, Westminster, at a service on Thursday 9 March

  15. Beginning of the end for Daesh as Coalition opens second front

    Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has closed today’s ministerial in London by reaffirming the UK and Coalition’s resolve to defeat Daesh.

  16. Defence Secretary hosts Counter-Daesh ministers

    The Defence Secretary will today host the quarterly, top-level meeting of defence ministers from the Global Coalition against Daesh.

  17. Prime Minister's speech to the Gulf Co-operation Council 2016

    Theresa May addressed the Gulf Co-operation Council and spoke about how the UK will step up its relationship with the GCC countries.

  18. PM: We are clear-eyed about threat from Iran

    Theresa May will tell the Gulf Co-operation Council the UK is committed to working with Gulf partners to counter the threat from Iran.

  19. Daesh clinging to Iraq as UK marks anniversary of operations

    Daesh now holds just a fraction of Iraq’s territory after previously threatening the capital Baghdad, the Defence Secretary has said.

  20. PM meeting with Defence Chiefs: 22 September 2016

    PM Theresa May met with Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach and Ministry of Defence Permanent Under Secretary Stephen Lovegrove.