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Guidance and regulation

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From Ofqual
  • Ofqual Handbook: General Conditions of Recognition

    Rules and guidance for all awarding organisations and all regulated qualifications

  • Special consideration

    Support for students affected by illness, injury, or other events outside of their control.

  • Apply to have your qualifications regulated

    Who and what Ofqual regulates, how to apply to be regulated and what happens when you want to stop being regulated.

  • Ofqual Student Guide 2023

    This guide provides you with information about this year’s arrangements for qualifications regulated by Ofqual. It also explains what support is in place when taking exams and assessments.

  • Factsheet: exams and assessments in England in 2023

    This factsheet is for the parents and carers of students about to sit exams and assessments in summer 2023. The factsheet was produced in collaboration with the Department for Education and UCAS.

  • Key dates for vocational and technical qualifications in 2023

    Information hub of key dates and deadlines for Level 3 qualifications used alongside or in place of A levels for progression to further or higher education.

  • Ofqual: rolling update

    Recent updates regarding regulated qualifications.

  • Be exam smart

    Guidance for students, parents and schools to help students avoid making mistakes which could lose them marks or lead to disqualification from an exam.

  • Section G - Setting and delivering the assessment

    Rules about setting and delivering assessments, including about the language of assessments, maintaining confidentiality of assessments, reasonable adjustments and special consideration

  • Section E - Design and development of qualifications

    Rules about qualification design and development, including about qualification titling, qualification specifications, credit, and qualification size and level.

  • Section D - General requirements for regulated qualifications

    General rules, including about qualification fitness for purpose and accessibility, and about reviewing approach, enquiries and complaints, withdrawing qualifications and information for teachers.

  • Understand our rules

    Find out about Ofqual's rules for the qualifications and assessments we regulate.

  • Guide for schools and colleges: 2023

    Guidance for schools, colleges and other exam or assessment centres on qualifications arrangements for 2023.

  • Section A - Governance

    Rules about governance of awarding organisations, including management of conflicts of interest, risks, incidents and malpractice

  • Ofqual postcards: GCSE, AS and A level reforms

    A series of 'postcards' outlining the work Ofqual is doing, with an emphasis on current reforms to qualifications in England.

  • Reasonable adjustments

    Information about changes to assessments to support disabled students.

  • Coping with exam pressure - a guide for students

    Advice and guidance for students on how to cope with pressure associated with test and exam anxiety.

  • Grade descriptors for GCSEs graded 9 to 1

    Grade descriptors for GCSEs graded 9 to 1. Designed to provide an indication of the likely level of performance at grades 2, 5 and 8. 

  • Subject-by-subject support for GCSE, AS and A level students in 2022

    Overview of the support being provided for each qualification for students taking GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022.

  • Submitting data to Ofqual

    Guidance on formats and timings for submitting data to Ofqual.