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Closed organisation: Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)

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  • Housing quality indicators

    Housing quality indicators measure the quality of housing schemes funded by the Homes and Communities Agency.

  • Development appraisal tool

    The development appraisal tool reviews the viability of an individual development site.

  • Design and quality standards

    The design and quality standards that must be met by affordable housing providers who get funding from the Homes and Community Agency.

  • Declaration of interests

    Guidance setting out requirements and procedures that need to be followed when an employee has private interests which may cause conflict.

  • Help to Buy: equity mortgage example

    The standard form of mortgage deed that individuals buying a home using a Help to Buy: equity loan will enter into.

  • Urban Design Compendium

    The latest principles of urban design, how they can be applied and lead to successful places.

  • Leasehold reform and Help to Buy Equity Loan

    Tackling unfair practices in the leasehold market - Summary of consultation responses and Government response

  • Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016 to 2021 - Heads of Terms for registered providers

    All organisations awarded a Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016 to 2021 allocation will be expected to enter into a standard form of contract for their specific provider type.

  • Joint shared ownership guidance

    This document provides information on the rules and requirements of grant funded shared ownership schemes in England.

  • Estate Regeneration Programme

    This programme will help to regenerate run down estates, increase the number of homes and improve the quality of life for residents.

  • Estate Regeneration Fund

    Fund designed to accelerate and improve estate regeneration schemes.

  • Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund

    This fund helped custom builders with finance for the development of serviced plots to support people who wanted to build their own home.

  • Affordable Homes Programme 2015 to 2018: prospectus

    This prospectus invites applications for £1.7 billion of government funding to increase the supply of new affordable homes in England.

  • Development appraisal tool: user manual

    This user manual gives background information and guidance for those using the development appraisal tool.

  • Development appraisal tool: self-training exercise

    Development appraisal tool (DAT) self-training exercise consisting of instructions and a part populated excel DAT file.

  • Site signage: Affordable Homes Programme and recoverable investment programmes

    Site signage is required on all sites funded by the Homes and Communities Agency's Affordable Homes Programme and recoverable investment programmes.

  • Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund: phase 2 prospectus

    This prospectus gives background information and guidance for those making bids for the Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund phase 2.

  • The Accounting Direction for social housing in England from April 2015

    The general requirements for the accounts of private registered providers of social housing.

  • Affordable home ownership

    Charitable status and tax issues connected with affordable home ownership.

  • Guidance on dereliction, demolition and remediation costs

    This guide helps a project sponsor understand some of the key issues when dealing with the redevelopment of previously developed land.