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If your old exam board no longer exists

Check which board to contact for a replacement certificate or certified statement of results if your old board no longer exists.

AQA (Education)

Contact AQA if your old exam board was one of the following:

  • Associated Examinations Board (AEB)
  • Southern Examining Group (SEG)
  • South East Regional Examinations Board (SEREB)
  • South Western (Regional) Examinations Board (SWExB)
  • Associated Lancashire Schools Examining Board (ALSEB)
  • Joint Matriculation Board (JMB)
  • Northern Examining Association (NEA)
  • Northern Examinations and Assessment Board (NEAB)
  • North Western Regional Examining Board (NWREB)
  • West Yorkshire and Lindsey Regional Examinations Board (TWYLREB)
  • Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Examinations Board (YHREB)

Council for Curriculum and Examinations Assessment (CCEA)

Contact the CCEA if your old exam board was one of the following:

  • Northern Ireland School Examinations and Assessment Council (NISEAC)
  • Northern Ireland School Examinations Council (NISEC)

Pearson Edexcel

Contact Pearson Edexcel if your old exam board was one of the following:

  • Business Education Council (BEC)
  • Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)
  • Education Development International (EDI)
  • Joint Committee for Business Studies and Public Administration (JCBSPA)
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
  • London East Anglia Group (LEAG)
  • London Regional Examining Board (LREB)
  • Metropolitan and Middlesex Regional Examining Boards (M&MREB)
  • Technician Education Council (TEC)
  • University Entrance and Schools Examinations Council (UESEC)
  • University of London Examinations and Assessment Council (ULEAC)
  • University of London Schools Examination Board (ULSEB)

Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Exams (OCR)

Contact OCR if your old exam board was one of the following:

  • East Midland Regional Examinations Board (EMREB)
  • Midland Examining Group (MEG)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Examinations and Assessment Council (OCEAC)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board (OCSEB)
  • Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
  • Southern Regional Examinations Board (SREB)
  • Southern Universities Joint Board for Schools Examinations (SUJB)
  • University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES)
  • University of Oxford Delegacy of Local Examinations (UODLE)
  • West Midlands Examinations Board (WMEB)

If your exam board was the East Anglian Examinations Board (EAEB), contact either Pearson Edexcel or OCR - they both hold some of the records.