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You must be on the Gas Safe Register to carry out gas work legally. You’ll need to renew your registration every year.

How to apply

You can apply online or fill in an application form on the Gas Safe Register website.

You’ll need to pay:

  • £434.40 to register one engineer
  • £63.60 for each extra engineer

Before you start

You’ll need:

  • your company’s name (and your trading name if it’s different)
  • your company’s address and phone number
  • National Insurance numbers for any engineers you want to register
  • a credit or debit card


You’ll need to prove you have the necessary experience to carry out gas work.

If you don’t have any industry experience you may need National or Scottish Vocational Qualifications before you can register.

You’ll need to retrain before registering if your qualifications are more than 5 years old.


When you register you’ll be on probation for 3 months. You must keep records and tell the Gas Safety Register about all of your gas work.

You’ll get a Gas Safe ID card when you’re registered. You’ll need to carry this to prove you’re on the Gas Safe Register.

Renew your registration

You’ll need to renew your registration every year.

It costs:

Report installation of gas appliances

When you install a heat-producing gas appliance, like a boiler or heating system, you must inform the local authority for where the work is being done.

You can do this via the Gas Safe Register:

Gas Safe Register
Telephone: 0800 408 5577
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm
Find out about call charges