UK visas and registering with the police

The police registration scheme ended on 4 August 2022.

You no longer need to register with the UK police after you:

  • arrive in the UK, if you applied for a visa from outside the UK
  • get permission to stay longer, if you’re already in the UK

If you’ve been told to register with the police, you no longer need to do this, even if you were previously told to.

If you have an appointment to register with the police

You do not need to go to your appointment, or pay to register.

If you’ve already paid the £34 registration fee, you will not get a refund. This is because the fee covers the cost of processing your application.

If you’ve already registered with the police

You do not need to tell the police if any of the information you gave them has changed, such as your address or other personal details. You still need to tell the Home Office about any change to your personal details.

If you have a police registration certificate, you should destroy it before throwing it away, for example by shredding it or cutting it into pieces.