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Register and de-register as a provider of social housing

How to register or de-register as a social housing provider, how much it costs and how long it will take.

Register as a provider of social housing

Under section 114A of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008, local authorities who begin to provide social housing are subject to compulsory registration. Notification that a local authority is beginning to provide social housing should be made to mail@homesandcommunities.gov.uk

In the first instance, please see Registration requirements 2015 (PDF, 150KB, 4 pages) .

Applicants other than local authorities are required to apply for registration. To register as a provider of social housing you should first complete the Preliminary application form for registering as a provider of social housing (MS Word Document, 152KB) .

This will allow us to check whether you meet the eligibility requirements of registration

Having assessed the information at the preliminary application stage, we will tell you if you meet the eligibility requirements. If you do, you will be invited to complete the Detailed application form for registering as a provider of social housing - Word format (MS Word Document, 199KB) . Applicants cannot begin the registration process by completing this form but must first complete the preliminary application process.

Details of eligibility, registration criteria and the application process are in the Registration guidance (PDF, 210KB, 25 pages) . Guidance on the completion of the application forms is included within each form.

Preliminary applications will usually be dealt with within 15 working days, although this may take a little longer for applicants that are not already landlords of social housing.

Detailed applications take longer. It usually takes at least three months from the time that an applicant submits a complete detailed application for the regulator to have the assurance that the applicant has met the registration criteria.

The time taken will depend on the nature of the application submitted, especially whether it raises any novel issues for the regulator. It also depends on the responsiveness of the applicant to requests for additional information and the number of other applications under consideration at the same time.

Applicants are advised to bear this timescale in mind when preparing their application, particularly if registration is a pre-condition to accessing grant, receiving the transfer of social housing, or another transaction.

De-register as a provider of social housing

In the first instance, please see De-registration requirements 2015 (PDF, 103KB, 3 pages) .

If you want to deregister as a provider of social housing, you should complete the Application form for voluntary de-registration as a provider of social housing (MS Word Document, 80.5KB) .

Details of eligibility and de-registration criteria are in the De-registration guidance (MS Word Document, 153KB) .

Once we have received the completed application form we will give you an estimate of how long we think the process will take.

Where to send applications to register or de-register and how much it will cost

Applications to register should be emailed to registrations@hca.gsi.gov.uk. Applications to de-register should be emailed to mail@homesandcommunities.co.uk

Either application can be posted to:

Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team
Homes and Communities Agency
1st Floor Lateral
8 City Walk
LS11 9AT

Registration and de-registration is free.

How to make general queries

For general queries on registering or de-registering (but not applications) please contact:

Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team

0300 123 4500