Report 08/2018: Collision at Stainforth Road level crossing

Collision at Stainforth Road level crossing, 11 January 2018.



At around 05:50 hrs on 11 January 2018, a car collided with the rear-most wagon of a stationary freight train at Stainforth Road Automatic Half-Barrier level crossing, near Doncaster. The crossing’s warning equipment was not operating and its half- barriers were raised when the car approached and entered the crossing. As a result of the accident, the driver of the car suffered scratches and bruises but their car was damaged beyond economic repair.

The train was at a stand because its brakes had been applied by the locomotive’s vigilance device. This occurred because the driver of the train did not respond to the device’s audible alarm in the time period permitted, probably due to the high level of ambient noise in the locomotive’s cab.

The car driver was not alerted to the presence of the train by the crossing’s warning devices because the design of the level crossing’s control circuits had permitted it to re-open to road traffic while it was still occupied by the train. The car driver did not see the wagon with enough time to take effective avoiding action, given her speed of approach. This was because the train was unlit and unreflective and also because there was no ambient light near the crossing.

The crossing’s control circuits dated back to its original installation in 1974. The control circuits had not been modified to incorporate later features which prove that trains are clear of a crossing before it re-opens. This was because a retrospective modification of this type was not mandated by relevant standards and guidance and also because the crossing’s circuits had not required modification during the life of the crossing for other reasons. The crossing had not been renewed or replaced prior to the accident, because Network Rail had assessed it as still having useful working life left. The level crossing risk assessment process used by Network Rail did not identify and address the risk of the original design of control circuit remaining in service without it having later design features intended to improve safety.


The RAIB has made two recommendations, both addressed to Network Rail. The first recommendation relates to an assessment of the risk at other level crossings where there is the possibility of it re-opening to road users with a train still present on the crossing and the development and implementation of mitigation measures, where appropriate, to address this risk. The second recommendation concerns the revision of the current standard relating to the design of new remotely monitored level crossings so that this requires them not to open to road users while a train is present.

Response to recommendations:

  • RAIB will periodically update the status of recommendations as reported to us by the relevant safety authority or public body
  • RAIB may add comment, particularly if we have concerns regarding these responses.

RAIB Recommendation response for Stainforth Road

Published 19 July 2018