Private renting for tenants: evictions

Eviction court hearings

If your landlord goes to court to evict you, there will be a ‘possession hearing’.

However, until 23 August 2020:

  • possession hearings are suspended
  • possession orders will not be enforced

This is because of coronavirus.

Read the coronavirus and renting guidance for tenants and landlords.

If you have been sent court papers

You will have a notice from the court explaining that your previous court date has been postponed. The court will contact you with a new date when hearings are ready to start again.

You will have received a defence form. This is your chance to say why you have rent arrears and if you disagree with what your landlord put on their ‘claim for possession’ forms. You should still complete and return this form.

The charity Shelter has advice on preparing for a court hearing.