You can't apply for this licence online. Contact your local council.


To drive a private hire car (PHC) in Scotland, a private hire car drivers’ licence or a taxi drivers’ licence must be obtained from your local authority. Vehicles used as PHCs must also be licensed by the local authority in the area in which it is to operate.

How to apply

Private Hire Car Driver’s Licences are issued by your local authority.

Your local licensing authority will give you details of the exact requirements that apply in your area.


Many licensing authorities will attach conditions to your driver’s licence. These may include, for example: - the driver must at all times wear/display the identity card provided by the licensing authority - the driver must adhere to any dress code laid down by the authority - the driver must not ply for hire in a PHC - the driver must not knowingly allow the vehicle to be utilised for any immoral or illegal purpose, etc

Breaking a condition can be a serious matter. It may result in the licensing authority suspending your licence, refusing to renew it, or even taking it away altogether.

If you are successful in applying for a driver’s licence, it will normally last for up to three years, although some authorities will issue licences for shorter periods.


If your application is turned down, you have the right of appeal to a sheriff court. You can also appeal if the licensing authority decides to suspend or take away your driver licence, or refuses to renew it.