Personal licence (Scotland)

Warning You cannot apply for this licence online. Contact your local council.


You or a member of your staff must hold a personal licence if you sell alcohol from licensed premises in Scotland.

‘Licensed premises’ include any premises allowed to sell alcohol under a premises licence.

To qualify for a licence you must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • hold a licensing qualification
  • not already hold a personal licence
  • not have had a personal licence revoked in the past 5 years

Applications are made to your local licensing board.

Applications may be refused if:

  • you have a criminal conviction for a ‘relevant offence’
  • you held a personal licence which expired or you surrendered a personal licence within 3 years of your application

You must tell the Licensing Board if you are convicted of a ‘relevant offence’ between the making of an application and it being determined.

A ‘relevant offence’ includes violent or sexual offences, firearms offences, drugs offences, aiding and abetting, inciting, counseling or procuring any relevant offence or any other offence which resulted in imprisonment.

Once granted, your personal licence will be valid for 10 years.