How to apply for a pedlar's certificate

You need a pedlar’s certificate if you sell door to door.

The certificate lets you sell throughout the UK. You must trade on foot and carry your goods with you (you can use something like a small trolley).

You don’t need a certificate if you visit customers but don’t sell to them.

If you trade in the street

If you have a pitch, apply for a street trading licence in England and Wales or Scotland.

A pedlar’s certificate might cover you to trade in the street without a stall - check with your local authority.

Eligibility for a pedlar’s certificate

To apply you need to:

  • be 17 or over
  • have lived in the local authority where you’re applying for at least 28 days

How to apply

Apply for a pedlar’s certificate at your local police station. You need to take:

  • 2 photos of you
  • a form of identity, eg a passport or driving licence
  • proof of your address
  • details of a referee

The certificate costs £12.25 and lasts 1 year.

Fines and penalties

You must produce your certificate if someone asks to see it.

If you work as a pedlar without a certificate - or let someone else use yours - you could be fined up to £200.

You could also get a prison sentence of up to 6 months if you either:

  • give false information when you apply
  • make or carry a forged certificate