By debit or corporate credit card online

You can pay online.

There’s a fee if you pay by corporate credit card or corporate debit card. The fee is not refundable.

There’s no fee if you pay by personal debit card.

You cannot pay by personal credit card.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will accept your payment on the date you make it (even on bank holidays and weekends) - not the date it reaches HMRC’s account.

If you’re unable to pay your employers’ PAYE bill in full by card, you should use another payment method like a bank transfer.

Reference number

You’ll need to use your 13-character accounts office reference number as the payment reference. You can find this:

  • in your HMRC online account
  • on the letter HMRC sent you when you registered as an employer (or sent to your accountant or tax adviser if they registered on your behalf)

Your payment may be delayed if you use the wrong reference number.