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    Magnox Ltd

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    • Nuclear employees WiN big at national diversity conference

      Employees from across the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) group were honoured at a national awards ceremony for their work in addressing gender imbalance and diversity in the nuclear industry.

    • Experienced nuclear leader for new Magnox role

      David Peattie, CEO of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, has today announced that Lawrie Haynes has been appointed Chair Designate of the NDA subsidiary, Magnox Ltd.

    • UK first for the nuclear industry

      In a first for the UK nuclear industry, Magnox has announced that Bradwell Site, in Essex, has entered a safe state known as ‘care and maintenance’.

    • Supply chain event attracts record 1,700 visitors

      A record 1,700 visitors enjoyed a day of exhibitions and informal networking at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Estate Supply Chain Event.

    • High hazard safely removed at Chapelcross Site

      A four-year project to dismantle 3,000 tonnes of steelwork at Scotland’s first nuclear reactor has been safely completed.

    • Awards recognise winning nuclear suppliers

      The winners of this year’s prestigious NDA Group Supply Chain Awards were announced to a packed audience in Manchester today.

    • Wylfa reactors 75% defuelled

      Hazard reduction at Magnox’s Wylfa Site on Anglesey has reached a significant milestone, with three-quarters of the used nuclear fuel now emptied from its twin reactors.

    • Green GB Week sees Magnox’s double platinum jubilee

      In the first ‘Green GB Week’ to celebrate clean growth, 2 Magnox sites in North Wales have reached landmark anniversaries.

    • Clean-up milestone at Hunterston A

      A project to drain around a million gallons of water and remove over 10 tonnes of redundant equipment from the largest used fuel storage pond in the Magnox fleet has been completed.

    • Divers complete ponds mission at Sizewell A

      Specialist divers from the U.S. have completed their mission to haul radioactive waste out of Sizewell A’s nuclear fuel storage ponds nearly two months early.

    • Divers complete ponds mission at Sizewell A Site - safer, faster and cheaper

      Specialist divers have completed their mission to deal with radioactive waste from Sizewell A Site’s nuclear fuel storage ponds, nearly two months ahead of schedule.

    • Mission complete moves closer for Bradwell

      Bradwell nuclear site in Essex has taken another critical step towards closing its doors later this year as work to safely manage the final remaining radioactive waste stream comes to an end.

    • Magnox Limited to become a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority subsidiary

      The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced that Magnox Ltd will become a subsidiary of the NDA from 1 September 2019.

    • Registration opens for Europe’s largest nuclear decommissioning supply chain event

      Registration is now open for the 8th Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Estate Supply Chain Event, the largest of its kind in Europe, which will be held in Manchester on 1 November 2018.

    • Magnox sets the new standard for storing radioactive waste

      A project designing stores to hold radioactive waste from 12 Magnox sites has cut the cost of decommissioning the UK’s first generation of nuclear power stations by £45m.

    • NDA showcases the positive impact of nuclear clean-up in Scotland

      Guests at an event in the Scottish Parliament heard how work to decommission 3 of Scotland's oldest nuclear sites is taking huge strides forward and making a positive lasting impact in communities.

    • This is Me in the Nuclear Industry

      Employees from across the NDA Group have shared their personal stories as part of national campaign to end the stigma associated with mental health issues.

    • Snake slithers through to tackle Dragon

      A laser-cutting robotic snake has been put to work on the highly radioactive core of Winfrith's redundant Dragon reactor in Dorset.

    • Record-breaking turbines leave Wylfa

      The last working Rolls-Royce Proteus Gas Turbines anywhere in the world are set to leave the former Wylfa nuclear power station on Anglesey.

    • Diving into innovation at Sizewell

      Specialist scuba divers are plumbing new depths to haul radioactive waste out of the nuclear fuel storage pond at Sizewell A.