4. Worker disputes over minimum wage

Workers who think their pay is below the correct minimum wage rate should talk to their employer first.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, they can ask the employer in writing to see their payment records. The worker can take someone with them and make copies of the records.

If an employer owes the worker any arrears they have to pay these back.

Workers can also call the confidential Acas helpline or look at the Acas Helpline Online to help them solve a payment dispute.

If the employer refuses payment

If HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) find that the employer hasn’t paid they will send them a notice for the arrears plus a fine for not paying the minimum wage.

HMRC can take them to court on behalf of the worker if the employer still refuses to pay.

Employment tribunal

Workers can also go directly to the employment tribunal themselves.

Workers who have been dismissed because of a minimum wage dispute can also complain to the employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.