Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are single-seat vehicles with a battery. They’re designed to help if you have trouble walking. 

Who can use mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs 

You can only drive a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair if one of the following applies:

  • you have trouble walking because of an injury, physical disability or medical condition
  • you’re taking the vehicle to or from maintenance or repair
  • you’re the manufacturer testing the vehicle
  • you’re demonstrating the vehicle before it’s sold
  • you’re training a disabled user

If none of these applies to you and you have an accident, you may be given the same penalty as if you were driving a car. You can go to prison, get a driving ban or get an unlimited fine.

Before you drive

Before you drive a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, check what class it is.

The class of your vehicle will affect: