Man overboard from commercially operated yacht CV30 with loss of 1 life

Location: 1500nm west of Fremantle, Australia.

Accident Investigation Report 7/2019

Investigation report into marine accident including what happened, safety lessons learned and recommendations:

MAIB investigation report 7-2019: CV30

Annexes to MAIB investigation report 7-2019: CV30

CV30 vessel photo


On 18 November 2017 a crewman fell overboard from the foredeck of the Clipper Ventures’ yacht CV30.

The accident occurred following an accidental gybe in very rough seas while the crew were lowering the headsail. The crewman was initially secured to the yacht by his tether, but before the crew could recover him on board his tether hook distorted and released. After the fall overboard, the skipper, who was on the helm, tried to slow the yacht and manoeuvre to recover the crewman but his ability to do so was limited as a result of damage sustained during the gybe. The crewman was recovered 32 minutes later but sadly with no signs of life.

Safety issues

  • the dangers of lateral loading of tether hooks and the importance of tether securing points arrangement to ensure tether hooks cannot become entangled.
  • the importance of adequately risk assessing foredeck operations to ensure sufficient control measures are put in place to keep crew safe.
  • Ensuring tethered man overboard recovery procedures are effective and regularly drilled.
  • minimising yacht defects to avoid undue workload for the crew, contributing to their fatigue, lowering morale and increasing the chance of mistakes


Safety recommendations (2019/110, 2019/111 and 2019/112) have been made to the BSI Committee, World Sailing and Spinlock regarding updating guidance to raise awareness of the dangers of laterally loading safety tether hooks.

Safety recommendations (2019/113 and 2019/114) have also been made to Clipper Ventures to review and update its risk assessments and procedures particularly for foredeck operations and methods for recovery of both tethered and untethered man overboards, as well as yacht maintenance and repair aspects

Statement from the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents

MAIB safety bulletin 1/2018: use of safety harness tethers on sailing yachts

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Published 20 June 2019