Collision between gill netter Margaret And William II and chemical tanker Jacobus Broere resulting in netter sinking with loss of 2 lives

Location: In the Western Approaches.

Accident Investigation Report: Margaret and William II/Jacobus Broere

Read our marine accident investigation report, which includes what happened, actions taken and subsequent recommendations:



On 5 September 1991 fishing vessel Margaret and William II with five men on board was expected to berth at Newlyn early in the morning, but did not do so and was reported overdue. HM Coastguard initiated a search, and at 1343 hrs GMT a liferaft was found, with three survivors. The two remaining members of the crew were missing. The survivors reported that Margaret and William II had been in collision with an unidentified vessel the previous afternoon and, in consequence, had sunk very quickly. The Dutch chemical tanker Jacobus Broere reported that she had been in the area of the accident and although her watchkeeper had seen nothing, paint scrapings of unknown origin had been found on her bow. Subsequent investigation makes it almost certain that Jacobus Broere and Margaret and William II had been in collision.

Safety Issues

  • Neither vessel kept such a lookout
  • it is reasonable to assume that if either vessel had detected the other in sufficient time action to avoid collision would have been taken


No recommendations have been made as a result of this investigation.

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Published 23 January 2015